April 2018

BPW Connection | April 2018

The April meeting is an evening event!  We'll be gathering at Old Tavernier.  This will be a special evening as we're voting in our new Board for 2018-2019, AND awarding the winners of our Adult Scholarships!  Join us!

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It’s April and we’ve made it through another season in the fabulous Florida Keys! Hope this newsletter finds you and your business happy and successful. Here in BPW we’re preparing to close out this fiscal year and plan ahead for our upcoming events and activities for the 2018/2019 year! We’re looking forward to welcoming several new board members and our new president, Ilja Chapman, to bring you lots of new exciting get-togethers and events. 
Last month was a great success, as Gwen Graham came to address us at the Holiday Inn. She shared with us some honest feedback about women in politics and her experience as a family member in a political family. I was very impressed by her candidness and insight. Hope you were too. Thank you to Pam Martin for her tireless efforts in making the event happen. Your dedication to BPW year after year is much appreciated. 
This month I have had the  privilege of serving on the scholarship committee and getting to better know our newest member, Lucy Given. Lucy’s daughter Holly is our honorary member spotlight this month. Our Adult Women’s Scholarship received extraordinary attention and awareness this cycle, and in my opinion, it’s mainly due to Lucy’s involvement. The most special part is the healing that’s taking place for Lucy. She recently told me, “it’s the next best thing to having her here, helping other women.” That’s my favorite part of serving this group the past 5 years - growing these connections that we share! I believe in my heart, Connection is key, not just in an organization, but in life. So please join us Wednesday evening from 5-7 pm at Old Tavernier Restaurant as we present four Adult Women’s Scholarships to some very hard working women!! 
We can’t wait to connect with You! 
Laura Maupin

Apr 18: Evening Networking Event: New 2018 Board Member Elections & Adult Scholarship Presentations. Location: Old Tavernier Restaurant, MM90.3 (Old Hwy.) 5:00-7:00 pm.
May 16: Evening Networking Event:  Induction of New Board of Directors for 2018-2019.  Location TBA.  May Event sponsored by Sue Woltanski, candidate for School Board.
June 20: Luncheon 11:30 am-1:00 pm. Holiday Inn-Key Largo, African Queen.

The Upper Keys BPW meets once a month, on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. We alternate between luncheons and evening networking events, and would love for you to join us! Click the button to see our full event schedule and register for an upcoming event. 
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   bpw|member SPOTLIGHT

Meet Holly Given (HONORARY MEMBER)
Holly Given grew up in the Florida Keys. She graduated from Coral Shores High School, and worked on and off at City Hall Cafe as a waitress, where she always had a smile on her face.  She was a star athlete at Coral Shores, particularly as pitcher for the varsity softball. She won the top honor, The Hurricane Award, four straight seasons, and went on to play softball at Western Carolina University. She was living in Riviera Beach when she tragically lost her life at the age of 26.
Her mother, Lucy Given, told us, "When I think about what was important to Holly, I’d have to say being with friends, family, and being outdoors, preferably all together. Any extra time she had, she was outside… fishing, on the boat, walking a beach, hiking, running, snowboarding. Recently, she realized that she could work, make a living, and still be outside by working at a resort & marina! She was working and finishing college with a Marketing degree, when she lost her life."
Holly and her mother Lucy were very close.
This is Holly’s abstract from the last paper she wrote in college in November:
‘Growing up in a small town, I have had the pleasure of working for many small family-owned business. I have had the opportunity to manage and run some of these businesses, guided by the owners themselves. After moving away from home and working for corporate businesses in the Hospitality Industry, I have realized that many of my previous employers did not utilize the potential of digital marketing. One day, I plan to move back home and start a small business of my own. With this in mind, I chose to educate myself on the benefits of digital marketing, in relation to a small business, in hopes of applying what I learn towards my future company. In this paper, I explore the benefits of digital marketing and social media.’
Holly was an advocate for leadership and community service, and wanted to help empower women in the community. It seems a natural fit that part of her legacy will be to help the Upper Keys BPW award adult scholarships to women in the Florida Keys wishing to continue or complete their education. We are pleased that Lucy recently joined the Upper Keys BPW and also served on the Scholarship Committee. We are very proud to be part of this memorial to her daughter Holly.

The first BPW-Holly Given Memorial Scholarship will be awarded during the April evening networking event on April 18th at Old Tavernier Restaurant. We have had a record number of scholarship applicants this year! Come help us honor Holly's memory and legacy.