July 2019

Join the Upper Keys BPW at our monthly meetings, the 3rd Wednesday of every month. 

BPW Connection | July 2019

The July meeting is a Luncheon again.

Our speaker this month is Leah Stockton from the United Way, who will be speaking with us about the Alice Report and the importance of Stuff the Bus. We'll be collecting monetary donations for Stuff the Bus.

We'll also be introducing our new "Piggies" and asking you to help fill the piggy bank for the BPW Educational Foundation. (Keep reading for more about that!)

Ilja Chapman, President
Dear BPW Florida Members:
Yes! I keep reminding you that your Upper Keys BPW membership reaches all the way to the Florida Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs. In total, this organization has close to 400 members of which we have 82! 
It is time to GROW! Advocacy for women is one of our main missions and with our collective voice, we can make an impact. When our organization is bigger, we can have an even greater impact. 
This year, BPW Florida is celebrating 100 years and our club is celebrating, too. Some UKBPW members joined me this year at the BPW Florida Conference to kick start the 100 years celebration. This organization has achieved A LOT in 100 years and we are still relevant. 
I dare you! Help us spread the word about Upper Keys BPW, bring a friend to our monthly meetings and ask if they want to join as a member. Our goal is 100 members by October. Together we can make a difference.
Have you seen the Women World Cup Soccer Game finals last week? 
Have you been following what the US team is advocating for? 
Equal Pay!
This time your (Dutch) president’s picture is showing her supporting the Dutch Women Soccer team to highlight the importance of women in professional sports. In the Netherlands, soccer is a male-dominated game which is not the case in the United States. The American team deserved to win, but I want to point out that the Dutch team has an amazing impact on women soccer back home. Both teams are an example for the world.
Let’s support the women soccer players, no matter what team you root for, and be an advocate for women in general!
Ilja Chapman
UKBPW President 2018-19
Tel: 305-998-8348

Thanks to everyone who attended the BPW/FL State Conference last month!
We ended up with five Board Members and two Committee Chairs attending the BPW/FL State Conference in June. 
It was nice to have the Upper Keys so well represented.  We learned a lot, met women from other LO's in the state, and got great ideas for ways to better serve our membership. 
Did you know that the Upper Keys are the largest LO (Local Organization) in the state?  It's true!  We are currently at 82 active members, and plan to grow that to 100 by October! 100 members for BPW's 100th Anniversary! It's time for an Upper Keys BPW Membership Drive!   

July 17: Luncheon. 11:00 A-1:00 P. Holiday Inn-African Queen Room. Speaker Leah Stockton, United Way. Charity: Stuff the Bus.
August 21: Evening Networking Event. Sponsorship Opportunities Available. (Special Offer! Five at $100 each!)
September 18: Luncheon. 11:00A-1:00 P. Holiday Inn-African Queen Room, Key Largo. This is a special "Speed Networking" luncheon, part of our Mentor/Mentee Program. Please be punctual. We will start eating at 11:30, and start the program promptly at 11:45. 
October 16: Evening Event. Stay tuned for more info on this grand Gala event we are planning for the Woman & Business of the Year Awards, adding a new surprise element! Sponsorship Opportunities Available.

The Upper Keys BPW meets once a month, on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. We alternate between luncheons and evening networking events, and would love for you to join us! Click the button to see our full event schedule and register for an upcoming event. 

If you are interested in sponsoring one or more Upper Keys BPW events in the next fiscal year, we would love to have your support!  We offer amenities for your sponsorship that help promote your business to our membership and the local community.  Ask about the advantages of committing to sponsor multiple events and the increased amenities you'll receive!
The cost to sponsor an event is $250.
With the sponsorship you receive the following benefits and opportunities:
  • Logo/branding:
    • Event E-vite emailed three times to a database of 500 people
    • Monthly BPW member Newsletter emailed a few days prior to event
    • Mention at Upper Keys BPW social media
  • One Free dedicated business E-Blast to our membership with a message your business likes to share
  • Display table and/or hand outs to all attendees
  • Banner display at the luncheon
  • Two FREE entrees to the luncheon
  • 5 minute speaking time at the luncheon directed to all attendees

   bpw|member SPOTLIGHT

Meet Charlotte & Wilbur
The newest additions to Upper Keys BPW are these 2 adorable piggies!
In late June, some of the board and a couple of committee chairs, attended the BPW/FL State Conference.   One of the days featured the BPW/FL Education Foundation, which provides housing opportunities for female college students at state college and university campuses across the State of Florida.  Most of the BPW LO's across the state help support the Education Foundation by collecting change in a piggy bank throughout the year, and donating what they raise at the State Conference.  
Our Upper Keys chapter hasn't participated, and we decided to change that.  Since we didn't have money to submit at the Hawg Callin' (which is done auction style and lots of fun,) we decided we would purchase one of the piggy banks up for auction.  We pooled our funds, and thanks to a couple of very generous members (Theresa Sutter and Gina Boilini,) we settled on a top bid of $250.  We carefully inspected the piggies and picked the one we wanted to bid on - the sweet little rosy cheeked one with the orange ribbon.
When she came up on the auction block, we were ready!  We took the bid from $20 to $250 with much laughter and merriment, and were fairly entertaining to everyone in the room. Proudly, we accepted our piggy...and quickly realized we had made a mistake. We had bid $250 on a piggy bank that was not a bank!  No opening to be found. You can imagine the hysterical laughter when we realized our mistake. It turns out, our piggy was part of a pair, and her mate was the bank. The auctioneer graciously traded with us, and we were happy with the other sweet piggy bank with the red ribbon.  However, when the auctioneer asked the room if anyone wanted to offer a bid on our discarded piggy, the amazing Theresa Sutter piped up and announced that we absolutely could NOT split up the pair, and she offered $200 more for them both!  Needless to say, the Education Foundation was very happy with our contribution, and we are now the proud owners of a matching pair of piggies!  Someone said the boy looked like Wilbur from Charlotte's Web, so they were named Charlotte and Wilbur.
Also in attendance at the conference were some young ladies who currently live in one of the Education Foundation funded houses while they are in college.  Since the money our piggies raise is directly assisting them, they were very thankful for our contribution and posed for a picture with them. 
Starting with this week's luncheon, Charlotte & Wilbur will be at every meeting, inviting you to empty your change purse and help fill Wilbur up.  We hope to have a big donation to turn in at the Hawg Callin' next year!