August 2020

August 2020

Suzi Youngberg

Greetings Upper Keys Business and Professional Women!

How did it get to be August already?! I don't know about you, but time has been strange for me since March. Some months seem to fly by, and some months seem to drag on forever! How strange it will be years from now to look back on 2020 "Pandemic Year" and try to make sense of the time line. Such interesting times we are living.

While we are still coming to terms with our "new normal," the Upper Keys BPW continues to move forward with business as close to normal as possible. Did you attend the Primary Candidates Virtual Mixer last week? We were so fortunate to have all but 3 of the Primary Candidates in attendance! If you missed it, you can click here to watch the recording.

On Wednesday this week, August 19th, we are hosting our very first Virtual Coffee Hour - "Tell me Something Good." I hope you'll join us to start your day on a positive note! There are even more events coming up in August - on the 26th, it's another "first" as we co-host a social hour with the BPW Gold Coast, celebrating Women's Equality Day and 100 years of the Vote. We will be inviting all of the BPW/FL Local Organizations to join us. I'm excited about this opportunity to bring together the entire State, which is one of the advantages of this virtual world. And, we have a Professional Development Webinar on August 27th at Noon. It's a full month! Make your reservations so you don't miss out.

I've been thinking about what it means to celebrate 100 years since women were officially granted the right to vote. To think of the fight and determination in those women, who persisted in spite of all obstacles against them including ridicule, hate and even violence. It's hard to imagine today, as we consider our choices of whether to mail in, vote early or go to the polls on election day. It's a liberty that we should never take for granted. As you complete your ballot this year, take a moment to remember those strong and brave women who made it possible. The 2020 Presidential Election will bring the fourth female candidate ever on a major party ballot. We've seen one woman nominated by her party for President, and three women now have been chosen as running mates - in 100 years. While on the one hand I think we've come a long way, on the other, we have a long way to go. The real work is just beginning for true women's equality.

Please continue to take care of yourselves. Practice social distance, wash your hands and wear your masks. Let's do everything we can to crush this pandemic so we can get back to true normal! I miss you all so much and can't wait to see you in person. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing your faces on my computer screen!

With love,

Suzi Youngberg
UKBPW President 2020-2021

In the summer of 1920, women’s suffragists and their opponents met in sweltering Nashville, Tennessee, for the climactic clash in a decades-long fight over the American woman’s right to vote. After a dramatic showdown in the state legislature, the Tennessee House voted by the narrowest of margins to pass the amendment on August 18. American Women's Suffrage came down to one man's vote. It is said that 24 year old legislator Harry Burn reversed his anti-suffrage vote after receiving a plea from his mother.  On August 26, now celebrated as Women’s Equality Day, the 19th Amendment officially became part of the Constitution. 

Join the Upper Keys BPW for our first ever Virtual Coffee Hour!
Wednesday, August 19th. 
8:00 AM - 9:15 AM
"Tell Me Something Good!" 
Let's start our day by sharing something good that is happening, has happened or will happen. Can be personal or professional related as long it is positive.

As you know, we fund our Adult Scholarships through our events with Sponsors, Happy Dollars, raffles and more.  Starting our new fiscal year off without physical events could impact the amount we are able to award in scholarships to deserving women in our community.
There is no cost to attend our virtual event. We want everyone to feel welcome to join us!  BUT, if you are able and feel so inclined, we are giving you a tier of donation options on many of them that will go to the Scholarship Fund, including a Top Tier Level of only $50!


Please apply by September 15th!
If you are, or know, an eligible woman in the Upper Keys wanting to continue your education, get a degree or certification, Apply Today!

If you are able to donate to the Scholarship Program, please click here. Multiple tiers available. Donations of $50 and above receive free E-blast(s.)

Professional Development Series | Upcoming Sessions

While we are working on some great virtual Professional Development workshops for you, please take advantage of the extensive programs offered by our friends at the SBDC@FIU.

“Discover the Secret World of Mangroves”
Part of our Professional Development Series
September 24th - NOON
“Discover the Secret World of Mangroves”
Presenter: MarineLab staff  - 
Sarah Egner, Director of Education
Everyone here knows something about the coral reef. It’s the driver of our tourism economy, the destination for millions of visitors, and a favorite spot for locals as well. But what about our back-country?  We will present from Florida Bay to discuss mangrove ecology and the interconnection of the inshore habitats with our coral reefs.  MarineLab staff will temporarily collect a variety of marine life to demonstrate the diversity found in our mangrove community.   

Thanks to everyone who attended the July Virtual Luncheon! If you missed it, you can watch the recording:

July's events also included an informal Happy Hour.

And on August 12th we hosted the Virtual Mixer for:

Watch the recording
Karen Beal (on behalf of Annalise Mannix
Jennifer Cappadona
Wendy Coffman
Javier Fernandez
Kathryn Norris
Dennis Ward
Sue Woltanski

Upper Keys BPW is looking for members interested in serving on the Membership Committee to work on improving member relations as well as recruitment and retention of membership. Current Membership Committee Chair 2020-2021 is Ilja Chapman, and Vice President of Membership is Wendy Coffman.
Anyone interested in helping with this or any of the other committees (Marketing, Mentoring, Scholarship, Public Policy) please call Suzi Youngberg at 305-393-6830.


New Members -  

Renewing Members -
Holly Raschein - State Representative
Gina Boilini - Doc's Diner
Kristi Mitchell - Key Largo Massage
Lourdes Montagne - Insurance Agent
Patricia Mull - Ms. Patricia B. Mull, CPS, PFE 

Ask about the benefits of being a member!


Education Foundation of BPW/FL was organized in 1965 as a 501(c)(3). Its purpose is to make available to young women an opportunity to pursue higher learning.

The concept was originally realized by building scholarship houses for women on Florida state university campuses. Scholarship houses provide “a home away from home” for female students who have a demonstrated financial need and outstanding academic records.

The pandemic has had a major impact on the donations received to fund the Education Foundation. If you are able, please help by making a tax free donation. LEARN MORE HERE.

ATTA GIRL Laura Leitart 
Please join us in congratulating BPW Member and Key Largo School Principal Laura Lietaert as the newest board member of the Community Foundation of the Florida Keys. Laura is CFFK’s first board member from Key Largo and will help ongoing efforts to broaden outreach. Says Laura, “This community is my passion and I’m excited to help build awareness and philanthropy in the Upper Keys.” She is also currently board president of the Rotary Club of Key Largo.  Way to go Laura!


It's time to Make Strides Against Breast Cancer in the Florida Keys. 
Join the Movement!