April 2021



April 2021

Suzi Youngberg

Greetings Upper Keys Business and Professional Women!
It's hard to believe that this is the final Message to you from my first year as President of this Local Organization. What a year it's been! When I accepted the position of President Elect in 2019, none of us could have predicted what would happen in only one short year. And, even when I was installed as your President last May, I think most of us still thought that life would be "back to normal" in a few months. My goodness, were we wrong!  While it's nice to see some semblance of normalcy creeping back into our lives, we are far from "back to normal."
This past year brought unforeseen challenges, but I am so proud of how the Board of Directors continued to conduct business and provide meaningful and relevant programs and content to our members. I'm proud of our membership for continuing to be loyal to BPW, for renewing and remaining valuable contributors to this amazing organization. I am so proud and thankful for the opportunity to serve and help guide you through this difficult year. Thank you to each and everyone of you for helping me to grow and to learn.
It's also been an interesting year for BPW/FL. Discussions about a strategic plan for the future were already in the works before the pandemic, but the state leadership has used this time to delve deeply into shaping the next 100 years of BPW.  While we celebrated the 100th anniversary of BPW and of Women and the Vote last year, we realize that there is still so much work to be done in the fight for true equality. I am thankful to the state leadership and to every member across the state who has participated in surveys, polls, focus groups and town halls over the past few months. It's exciting to be part of shaping the future of such an important mission.
Speaking of important missions, the Nominating Committee has been hard at work putting together the Slate of Directors for 2021-2022.  If you have ever considered getting more out of your membership and becoming more involved with Upper Keys BPW, now is the time!  Please think about a Board or Committee position! 
Seeing so many of you live and in person at the last two events has been good for my soul! As I have said many times, I'm happy we had the option of meeting virtually this year, but I much prefer seeing you all in person! Hopefully, our third Wednesday events will continue to be in person from this point forward. May 19th will be our Annual Membership Meeting and I hope to see everyone at the Luncheon. We are working out the final details on the location, but mark your calendars and plan to join us to install your new Board of Directors, award the Spring Scholarships and ring in the New Year for Upper Keys Business & Professional Women.
With love and gratitude,
Suzi Youngberg
UKBPW President 2020-2021

April 2021 marks the official 20th anniversary of Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Even before its official declaration, Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) was about both awareness and prevention of sexual assault, harassment, and abuse. Looking at the history of the movement to end sexual violence, it’s clear why: It’s impossible to prevent an issue no one knows about, and it’s difficult to make people aware of a problem without providing a solution. The two work in tandem, and they always have.  From the civil rights movement to the founding of the first rape crisis centers to national legislation and beyond, the roots of SAAM run deep. As long as there have been people who care about making the world a better place, there have been individuals advocating for sexual assault prevention.

This year’s theme is "We Can Build Safe Online Spaces", because sexual harassment, assault, and abuse can happen anywhere, including online. As we connect online, we can learn how to practice digital consent, intervene when we see harmful content or behaviors, and ensure that online spaces — whether they be workspaces, classrooms, social media, or otherwise — are respectful and safe.  

SAAM is about more than just bringing "awareness" to the prevalence of sexual violence. It's about learning to move through and beyond that awareness, raising objective to preventing violence from happening in the first place AND inspiring collective activism in order to create community change. 

Preventing violence from happening is a community-wide effort and responsibility. The movement to end sexual violence began with (and continues to be driven today by) community advocacy, student activism, and grassroots community organizing.  In more recent years, SAAM has focused on bringing in audiences beyond advocates — those who may not realize they play an important role in preventing sexual violence like parents, faith leaders, and coaches who can become agents of change — while sharing the practical things each of us can do to prevent sexual assault. 
Links provided below to learn more about how you can help be an advocate for change.

There is no cost to attend our virtual events. We want everyone to feel welcome to join us! BUT, we do give you a tier of donation options, including a Top Tier Level of only $50! (Top Tier Level donors will receive one FREE E-Blast.)  Donations go to the Upper Keys BPW Adult Scholarship Program.

"Tell Me Something Good!" 

Let's start our day by sharing something good that is happening, has happened or will happen. Can be personal and/or professional related as long it is positive.

May 5th, 2021

8:00 AM - 9:15 AM

Coffee Talk with the Upper Keys BPW, first Wednesday of every month.


Wednesday, May 19th

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Annual Membership Meeting & Luncheon

Check-In & Networking from 11:00-11:30 AM,

Program Begins at 11:30 AM

Location TBA

Mark your calendars now and make plans to join Upper Keys BPW for the very first in-person Luncheon of the year. 

The May Meeting is our Annual Membership Meeting where we will be installing the 2021-22 Board of Directors, awarding the Spring Scholarships, approving bylaws and/or handbook revisions and more. It's also a time to celebrate our accomplishments during this past year and toast to the New Year!

Everyone Welcome!

Professional Development Series | Upcoming Sessions

The fourth and final Spring 2021 Technology Webinar is April 29th.
Using Social Media Professionally.
Our own Upper Keys members, Jackie Harder and Jill Kuehnert, will be hosting this one!

If you missed any of the webinars in this series, the videos are all available in the Members Resources section of the BPW/FL website, along with more resources and information about our organization.

Upper Keys BPW celebrated the first public in-person event in more than a year on Wednesday, April 21st at Baker's Cay Resort Key Largo! It was a beautiful evening on the beach. Baker's Cay sponsored by providing the lovely venue plus yummy passed apps and that beautiful and delicious pineapple mango frozen drink. We are thankful for their generosity! Everyone was happy to be back together in person after so long. It was a fun and happy evening!



New Members -  

Adriana Cuomo, CenterState Bank 
Monica Hane, CenterState Bank 

Renewing Members -

Cathy Brewer 
Joyce Griffin, Supervisor of Elections 
Narelle Prew, The Fish House Restaurant and Seafood Market 
Ruth Schrader-Grace, Keys Core Fitness 

Ask about the benefits of being a member!  bpwupperkeys@gmail.com

Meet Theresa Sutter

"For anyone who doesn't know, Theresa Sutter has served the Upper Keys BPW Board of Directors for over seven years and will be stepping down this year. She began as Membership Chair and quickly accepted the position of Board Treasurer.  Her cool, calm demeaner and impeccable attention to detail have made her a perfect keeper of the books and funds of our local organization.  I personally have learned so much serving with her on the Board for more than five years. I remember my first few Board meetings, my eyes would "glaze over" when she presented the financial reports, but over the years she actually made it understandable and even interesting to learn about the budget, financials and P&L statements!  On a personal note, Theresa is one of the kindest and most crazy generous people I have ever known. I will miss serving on the Board with her, but I am so thankful for the time she gave to our LO, and that I had the opportunity to get to know her and call her friend."  -Suzi Youngberg, UKBPW President

"Theresa was a treasure of a Treasurer for the the Upper Keys BPW.  Serving with her was an honor and inspiration for excellence.  Her professionalism, wisdom, and diplomacy have been a backbone for years and her work has left the organization in a position to continue in excellence.  She will be missed!"   -Kate Banick, UKBPW Past Secretary

"Theresa Sutter has always been such an intrinsic part of our BPW Board since I can remember. Her innovation in to the world of technology brought our club to the 21st Century with so many “seemingly” seamless additions that she worked tirelessly on time and time again. She is an asset to so many folks who have been lucky enough to employ her services and receive her philanthropic kindness. She will be a BPW sister for life and I’m grateful to have been on her team over the years! Love you Theresa!!❤️ Thanks for all your genuine caring and kindness to the Upper Keys Business and Professional Women’s Club." 
-Laura (Maupin) Rivera, UKBPW Past President

"It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know Theresa over the past two years. She is a master at her craft, a patient teacher, trusted confidant, and valued friend. I have learned so much from her and appreciate the confidence she has always had in me. Throughout her mentorship, she has encouraged me and thoroughly explained the Treasure’s responsibilities to me.  Many times our training sessions have gone twice as long because we have laughed and bonded about personal things. We laughed about my dog and/or my four-year-old son trying to gain some attention from Theresa. I genuinely admire her and cherish the friendship we've cultivated.  She has the biggest heart for Upper Keys BPW and truly wants to see it flourish. I'm so thankful for this past year and the lifelong friendship that we have gained." - Victoria Leonard, UKBPW Vice President & Treasurer in Training

"I met Theresa Sutter through Upper Keys BPW years ago and that happy event transformed my business, gave me peace of mind and added a dear friend to my tribe. Before I hired Theresa as my virtual bookkeeper, I was trying to keep my own personal and business finances straight. What a disaster that was. Shortly after she got my act together for me, she saved me $500 in late fees, missed payments and more. She saved me untold amount of hours and relieved tons of stress. By taking the financial burden off my shoulders, I was able to better focus on what I do best – coaching. Along the way, she became a sounding board and a good personal friend. I am proud to have her in my life. I know she’ll be missed on the BPW board, but I’m sure I’ll continue to see her at BPW meetings…and we will continue to work and hang out together." 
-Jackie Harder, UKBPW Past Vice President

"During my time as the Upper Keys BPW president I never had to worry about the financials being correct. The organization has been very fortunate with Theresa as their treasurer for so many years. She sure kept me financially sharp and questioned our financial processes and more. Working with her on the budget was the kick-off for the fiscal year and set the direction for the organization to follow in their mission. Theresa will be missed and we cannot thank her enough. Wilbur and Charlotte will carry on her legacy." 
-Ilja Chapman, UKBPW Immediate Past President & Membership Chair

Atta Girl UKBPW Member Cathy Brewer!

Congratulations to Cathy Brewer on her volunteer position as Foster Coordinator for Marr-Velous Pet Rescue!   
 Thanks for your commitment to caring for the furry friends, Cathy! 

Atta Girl to all UKBPW Members who have gotten their COVID-19 Vaccinations!

Thank you!



The Upper Keys BPW Adult Women Scholarship program is designed to help women gain a professional edge through education efforts. Particular emphasis is given to individuals who demonstrate strong character, professional collaborative efforts with other women and are, or have, the potential to be a strong role model for the current and next generation of working women.

Scholarships are up to $1500 per application and may be used for certifications, training classes, or classes and required materials for higher educational degrees. Transportation, room/board costs, or fees and CEU's associated with professional licensing requirements are eligible.  

Applicants do not have to be members of the Upper Keys BPW, however, an application sponsored by a current member is highly favorable.  Minimum requirements for applicants include: 

- High School diploma/GED 

- Florida Keys resident for at least 3 years 

- Minimum of 5 years post-high school work experience

Application Deadlines are April 15 ** EXTENDED TO APRIL 30, 2021 ** and September 15 annually. 

Email:   ukbpwscholarship@gmail.com

The 2021 Nominating Committee has formed. They are searching for qualified and interested members regarding open positions on the 2021-22 Board of Directors. If you are interested in learning more, contact one of the committee members.

Ilja Chapman, Chair

Danya Herzberg

Cathy Brewer

The committee will contact interested and qualified candidates throughout the month of April. A Slate of Officers will be presented to the membership by May 1st. The membership will vote during the May Annual Membership Meeting, and the 2021-2022 Board of Directors will be installed during that meeting.

If you would like to learn more about what positions are open and the roles descriptions and responsibilities, please contact the Nominating Committee! Get more from your Upper Keys BPW Membership by getting more involved! 

If you're not ready for a Board role, consider joining a Committee! 
For questions about Committee roles available, contact President Suzi Youngberg at 305-393-6830 or suziyoungberg@gmail.com.

Spread the word to Keys nonprofits! 
Free online grants class on May 4. No reservation needed.